The conference has come upon us very quickly.  We are now less than 3 weeks away.   Our committee has been hard at work!  We are happy to report that our booth space is full and we are now starting to put them in the entry way to the exhibit hall!! Our proposed program is now available on the website click HERE to download.  Everything should pretty well stay as it is outlined here. If you are able to register prior to the conference, please do so, as it is much quicker for you and for us at the registration desk.  The Delegate Registration Form is also available here on the website click HERE.

Please note that deadline for registration for the HF course (to be held on April 18th) is April 4th.

Thank you!
ARAMC 2018 Chair

How quickly the time goes by!  It just seems like the other week when we were wrapping things up in Halifax after ARAMC 2015.  ARAMC 2018 will take place on April 18th – 20th, 2018 at the Westin Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Our committee has had some slight changes.  Our ARAMC 2018 committee is consisting of the following individuals: 

  • Anneke Urquhart – Sobeys Flight Dept – Chair and Admin
  • Jason Crowell – Aerotec Engines – Vice Chair and PR
  • Gerald Mallon – Jazz Air LP – Displayer Chair
  • Pat Smith – GasTOPS – Speaker Chair
  • Neil Harding – IMP Aerospace – Speaker Co-Chair
  • Russ Spackman- GasTOPS – Finance and Admin
  • Debbie Spackman – Chubbs – Secretary

We have had several planning meetings already.  Gerald Mallon, our Displayer Chair has been busy and has sent out the displayer package to his database of displayers.  We already have four registered booths!  The displayer package will be available on our website shortly.  Pat and Neil are working hard to come up  with some new and interesting topics for speaker presentations.  Our delegate mailout will take place mid January.

We will be having a HFIAM course conducted by Norbert Belliveau prior to the start of the conference on April 18th.  Registration for this will start in the new year!

Watch our facebook page and the website for further updates.

Contact info:
Anneke Urquhart –ARAMC Chair – email:
Gerald Mallon – Displayer Chair – email:

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